I am proud of my democracy.

by Wowwie

On Monday, it was declared a National Holiday in my country. The reason being :National Elections. It was a big day for me since it was the first time that I could vote.

During the weeks leading up to elections, I followed the campaigns and talked alot with my friends and family about their choices and opinions. However, I didn’t decide on which candidate I was supporting until I walked into the booth and was actually about to “vote”.

This is what happened:

I stepped into my booth with my ballot paper and I just stood there contemplating all the parties. The feeling I had deep in my stomach was one of change, like somehow my vote would change the world. It was quite a ‘high’ for me. It reminded me of the time I was on a debate team and my teammates and I were awaiting the results. We just sat there with everyone staring at us, anticipation in the room building up. Pulse rising. Palms sweating. Then in one moment, you just know what is it that had achieved [this is was me voting] then after, the feeling just plummets into mild schizophrenia. Of course, I waited until I got out of the polling station, after I ran all the way home, THEN finally I jumped everywhere and celebrated. I, ME , YO, THIS GIRL STANDING RIGHT HERE, JUST VOTED for SOMETHING I BELIEVED IN !!!

I couldn’t be prouder.

The reason I’m writing about this is because:

1.  I know that some countries do not have a  government that was elected through a democratic process. I felt it was a privilege for me to live in a country where there is a democratic process of electing a government.

2.  Even though some people are living in countries where they can elect their government, they abstain from the polls. This saddens me because as a woman, think about how far women have come in this world. We had to fight for that right. It is a RIGHT! Exercise this right! 

Big things start in little ways. [I think that’s how the maxim goes! ]